Dica: Blog sobre a Lituânia (introdução em inglês)

Apresentação em inglês do blog Lietuva, que eu já havia indicado aqui.
Acompanhem o blog.

Lietuva - Uma Jornada pelo País da Chuva: Introduction - English versionThis blog is an invitation to all of people who want to know about Lithuania and the Lithuanian language. I shall talk about several subjects, such as: language, people,  history, archeology, mythology, flora, fauna, music, poetry, literature, cinema, gastronomy, education, museums, art galleries, theatres, architecture, curiosities, lifestyle, among others. Not everyone knows about that country and its language. Next July, I am going to be there and I want to register this experience through the blog. I have been systematically studying Lithuanian since 5 October, 2015. This process has boarded me toward a journey through the living Indo-European language which is considered not just the oldest one and that that keeps the most archaic aspects, but as having it some elements which are found in dead languages, such as Sanskrit, Latin, and Classical Greek. And it could be closer than we can name as an "original" Indo-European language. Thereby, a new world has been introduced me and I would like to share it with you all. Be welcome and join me to this quest.


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